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A secret Federal Task Force is on the hunt for a sadistically twisted serial killer. She has managed to slip through the fingers of local law enforcement and the FBI, as the crimes are far graver than anyone could have imagined.

Years of physical and mental abuse have led Lacy, with the help of Lexi (her best friend-turned lover), to finally track down those men who raped her years earlier and escaped punishment. She is an expert in producing Latrodectus (black widow) venom in deadly concentrated amounts, and gets her chance to bite them back...black widow style. Seductively she lures her victims into her web of sexual darkness. Her plan is foolproof, cleverly elaborate and insanely detailed: at the climax of each sexual tryst, she injects venom into her rapists. Knowing that the poison from one bite of a black widow equals that of ten rattlesnake bites, she uses more than enough venom to kill her victims.

Their deaths are gruesome, volatile, hellacious, and she savors her retribution by watching them die a most horrible death. Her victims are wrapped in white silk sheets and hung from a web-like device.When Lacy misses an opportunity to kill one of her rapists, she instead murders a sex-obsessed playboy who hits on her.

His father, the president of a Middle East country, threatens war if the killer isn't found.To prevent that war, the President of the United States dispatches the Task Force agents to find the killer...if they can.