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"What does YBR stand for?" you may ask. It stands for "Yellow Brick Road", which we all travel in our lives to reach our goals and fulfill our dreams. If you are reading this, it's because your Yellow Brick Road led you to us, and we hope that we can help you with your dream of becoming our next new author!

YBR Publishing's mission is to help new authors seeking to be published achieve that personal goal and help current authors with their next books without the long wait of the larger publishing houses.

We ourselves are published authors who have learned the ups-and-downs of self-publishing and being with a publisher, and now as a publisher we want to help other writers avoid those pitfalls.

YBR accepts all genres of books for review, from novels to graphic novels as well as coloring books to children's books, to consider for publishing. Submissions that pass a thorough evaluation by our staff are then accepted for publishing.

Our unique plan involves editing with the author from start to finish; and when the editing is completed and approved by the author, the manuscript moves to production for design work especially crafted for the appearance of the future book, from the front cover to the rear. When the author likes everything on the computer screen, a preprint proof is ordered for the author to hold and review. When the author approves, the title goes live!


YBR has an independent contractor illustrator for children's books, coloring books, and special cover requests. For authors seeking professional instruction to learn better writing skills, YBR has an independent writing consultant on staff.

Your publishing team is very precise and detailed in its work, so that in the end the printed book is a work of art approved by the author that earned our cat logo on the back cover.

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