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Jack Gannon began his literary career with high school best friend Cyndi Williams-Barnier after they were both retired from their respective careers, writing the stories they talked about way back in high school. Together they have written nine books, both self-published and by a publisher.

YBR Publishing was born when Jack wrote and published his first solo book, "I WALKED IN SANTA'S BOOTS", a coffee table-sized autobiography about his quarter-century as Santa Claus for Beaufort, SC. "SANTA" was entered into the Beaufort County Library Historic District Collection as an important book reflecting the history of Beaufort, SC.

His decades in print media gave him the experience to put together that first book in a unique and attractive scrap-book style, and now serves as the Production Manager for YBR Publishing. Jack works one-on-one with each author to create a distinctive visual signature in the book from cover to cover, a trademark style individual to each author with YBR Publishing. In addition, Jack is YBR Publishing's webmaster.

Jack also serves on the Liturgy Committee for St. Peter's Catholic Church in Beaufort as its chairman and the Proclaimer Ministry chair, plus scheduling all the laity for the regular weekend and special Masses.

He is retired from The Beaufort Gazette & The Island Packet after 24 years in management plus another ten years prior as a motor route delivery carrier and intern reporter.

Jack lives in Beaufort, SC, with his wife Mendy; Tasia, a 12-year-old Pomeranian; and Mister Grey, a 4-year-old Russian Blue who is "a lot of cat"!



Cyndi Williams-Barnier, a Beaufort, South Carolina native, brings to YBR 25 years of county government service in Emergency Management, including writing and managing grants, writing training programs and detailed multi-agency operations manuals for disaster preparation and recovery. Her detailed programs are still used as guideposts for county, state and federal agencies including FEMA, Homeland Security and the National Guard at the Pentagon.

As co-founder of YBR Publishing and co-author of nine books, she brings a unique personal perspective and experience to maximize marketing opportunities for YBR and our authors. Her eye for detail and creative skill bring the emotional connection to every manuscript.

Cyndi lives in Ridgeland, SC, is married to Bill Barnier (see next) and has three adorable cats (who serve as her personal YBR critics)!



Bill Barnier is our Operations Manager and Senior Editor. Over his fifty year working career he has been a welder, mechanic, copper miner, photographer, landscape business owner, paint specialist, warehouse manager, bus driver, home builder, pilot, and world traveler. For the last fifteen years he has been a Power Control Technician at the local Electric Coop.

His college professor recognized his writing talent, which he has used in writing newsletters, technical manuals, and safety training courses and served as an award winning Public Affairs Officer for his Civil Air Patrol Squadron in South Carolina. He has written a monthly guest column in the South Carolina United Methodist newspaper for four years.

Bill has edited six fiction novels for YBR Publishing (four of which received five-star ratings by Readers Favorite LLC), six novellas, and is currently working on a compilation of his newspaper columns for hard cover publication. His most recent editing project, DRIFTWOOD UNMASKED, has been awarded another five-star rating and is nominated for a Benjamin Franklin Award by the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Projects presently being edited include an historical novel, a fantasy series, and a mega-length action-adventure novel. His greatest reward is coaching young and new authors who have great stories and passion for writing, but need to be guided toward becoming successful authors.

Bill lives in Ridgeland, SC, with Cyndi and three cats.



Julie Evans has spent over 20 years in the customer service industry. This experience includes sales and as several companies' customer service representative.

Julie grew up in a military family and later married a military service member. She has traveled not just all over the United States but worldwide. This gives her the unique ability to adapt to unique situations and cultures, as well as personally.