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2s And 3s by Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier is a psychological thriller. September 11, 2001, changed many lives forever. A new Task Force has been created to take care of terrorist cases that law enforcement can't handle, and four military specialists staff it. In Richmond, Virginia, a bus explodes, and there are only two survivors – a small child called David and the bomber. A priest adopts David, a man who appears to the world as a kindly man, but he is different behind closed doors, and David suffers badly. A serial killer is hunting in Virginia. Every two years, he commits three murders and leaves a biblical quote at the scene of every murder, earning himself the name, The Biblical Bomber. The Task Force takes over the hunt for him when a Senator’s wife becomes a victim, with the brief of taking him down whatever it takes, but even they struggle to find and stop him. Turning to a private company for help, the special agents step up their efforts to find him before he kills again. Can they succeed before the next bomb goes off?

2s And 3s by Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier is one of those “wow” books. Full of suspense, this is one psychological thriller that will leave you reeling. The action is non-stop all the way through, with twists and turns to send you off in one direction before roughly grabbing you and sending you in another. The pacing is excellent. It leaves you no time to wonder what’s coming next as the action slams you between the killer and the agents in a game of cat-and-mouse like no other. The characters are excellent, well-developed to the point where you feel like you know each one intimately, including the antagonist, a man you may even start to feel some sympathy for at certain points in the story – but not too much. The main plot and the subplots are weaved inextricably together, culminating in the explosive ending. If you are looking for an edge-of-your-seat page-turning thriller, this is it.


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