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All roads lead to Yellowstone National Park in this action-packed novel from Gibbes McDowell. Dragon's Mouth is a non-stop thriller complete with Navy SEALS, the FBI, and an Al Qaeda terrorist planning an attack on the United States that will make 9-11 look like child's play. This story mixes intrigue, action, a touch of romance, and a startling conclusion that could easily be a portent of tomorrow's headlines.

Gibbes McDowell writes lies, good lies as described in Stephen King’s quote, “Fiction is a lie. Good fiction is the truth within the lie.” He writes these lies in a way that makes all the pieces of the plotline... in the case of Dragon’s Mouth, three major plotlines... the characters, and all the supporting nuts and bolts of story-telling come alive with a strong dose of verisimilitude; a big word for “sense of reality.” McDowell is adept at weaving the stories and harrowing missions of Navy Seals AC and Toad, their combined yet unrequited love for Dr. Christie Albright, the never say quit FBI Agent Dan Shield, and the Al Qaeda terrorist Kamal as well as a host of supporting actors, into a tight story of page-turning intensity. Dragon’s Mouth could be the next headline story to capture global attention—it’s that realistic!

Either through personal experience or exceptional research and advisors, McDowell displays a level of expertise in weaponry, terrorist and US military tactics, and the inner workings of the FBI in a manner so that even the less knowledgeable reader will be drawn into the story with complete cognition. Together with a writing style and a keen sense of timing in the use of real-world events, McDowell lures the reader into a trap that will not release until the last page is read. The conclusion of this story is complete, with no strings left untied; but, there is still a hint of a sequel. I certainly hope so. In conclusion: if you’re a fan of military fiction, tales of action and adventure, or simply edge-of-your-seat thrillers, you’ll love Gibbes McDowell’s Dragon’s Mouth!


~Lex Allen, Readers' Favorite LLC


  • No refunds on signed copies

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