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Have you ever wondered what happened to the magical creatures of Oz? Particularly the magical goose who would lay a golden egg every day? Did you know she actually had a name? Goldey Goosey was unsettled by what was happening in Oz. The Wicked Witch of the East was manipulating the magical powers of others. Goldey Goosey didn’t want to have her powers taken over by the Wicked Witch. So, she escaped from the United States, first landing on a farm in the Appalachians and having to deal with another kind of evil threat, that in the form of Aunt Rhody (remember the children’s song?). Goldey Goosey has to be creative to escape the evil Aunt Rhody before it’s too late.Ron Baxley’s picture book story, Goldey Goosey, is an alternate fantasy adventure from the Land of Oz. Most people know the story of the goose who laid the golden egg, but here’s an adventure that takes this goose away from Oz and the evils that threaten the magical kingdom. The story is told in simple language so young readers can follow along. It’s written like a fairy tale, a “once upon a time” type of story, which includes music and popular children’s folk songs. The illustrations are enticing and help move the story along. This is a clever remake (or perhaps a new adventure not told before) of a familiar children’s fantasy story. Well done!


Reviewed By Emily-Jane Hills Orford for Readers’ Favorite


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