I Walked In Santa's Boots is an enchanting holiday treasure and historical autobiography, combining facts and legends to deliver a spellbinding Lowcountry Christmas story. Families will delight in each chapter of this unique Christmas classic set in Beaufort, South Carolina, and the surrounding Lowcountry.

It is beautifully illustrated with hundreds of photos from 1993 to 2015 from "Night on the Town," the annual Christmas Parade, Photos With Santa, and more. Saint Nick lives in the hearts of millions, and author Jack Gannon weaves together stories which are heartwarming, occasionally heartbreaking and sometimes downright hilarious from his twenty-three-year career as Santa Claus.

He reflects on his experiences with both children and adults, sometimes needing to go that extra mile to ensure his personal motto to "Maintain the Reality of the Illusion."

For the first time, Jack shares the personal story of his own epiphany and transformation, from a young wide-eyed child almost caught out of bed when Santa arrived at his house to a man who nearly lost his own faith after learning his father suddenly died.

He reveals a child's request of Santa Claus for a special visit on Christmas Eve to his daddy fighting overseas. A little girl fitted with new legs asks St. Nick an unusual question. An elderly woman finds herself alone for the first time during Christmas, and asks Santa for help...

Learn what a little girl asked from Frosty the Snowman, how Santa met Anna and Elsa from the hit movie "Frozen," what inspired an older man determined to get out of his hospital bed, and more.

This veteran Saint Nicholas reveals these encouraging true stories and lessons from his tenure as a Christian Santa Claus for the children and families of the military bases and residential communities across northern Beaufort County and beyond.

Experience the Christmas Spirit along Jack's journey and at the end you too can say I Walked In Santa's Boots!


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