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Reviewed By Erin Nicole Cochran for Readers’ Favorite

Labour of Love by Liz Ragoùt is a collection of poems that encapsulates her zest for life as well as her home and memories that stir within her. The narration that proceeds throughout the entire book is one that feels close to the heart. As a reader, you begin to sense your own connection to the places she describes so well. She paints her poems in such pictures that you can feel and smell the grass under your own fingers. Two of my favorite lines are on page 20 within the poem Little One's Dreams: “Where the sandman will catch/them in his gossamer threads.” There’s a beautiful, ethereal quality that each poem possesses, that brings you in deeper with every page that’s read.

Liz Ragoùt’s Labour of Love made me yearn for travel and days of summer. Though not all of the poems were solely centered on nature, some ranged from unique narratives, that I won’t give away, to memories that were of warm heartache. Not completely sad, but full of appreciation for the time had and the time that will come again. Throughout the book, there are also images and illustrations of flowers and hillsides that bring an extra smile after the end of a poem. Liz Ragoùt’s Labour of Love is a treasure that resides in an Irish girl’s heart that she has decided to share with the rest of the world. It’s a gem that everyone should see and get to feel. It is one for the ages.



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