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Reviewed by Philip Van Heusen for Readers’ Favorite

Zoe and Ziggy are two delightful dachshunds. They are like children to Mama Ellie. Living on a small farm allows the two pups to enjoy life to the fullest. Mama Ellie’s Children and the Organic Garden by Shannon Evans is enjoyable to read, but it also incorporates subtle learning. While the pups enjoy rolling in the garden, the children reading the book will learn why organic vegetables are good for you. Learning to obey their parents is also shown by the kind and gentle reminder given to Zoe that she should not be in the garden alone. When Zoe passes, Mama Ellie helps Ziggy deal with the grief. This is a book for parents to read to and with their children. Discuss the lessons to be learned and help your children enjoy life by being healthy and helpful.

Can a children’s book be both fun-filled and serious? Yes, it can. One such book is Mama Ellie’s Children and the Organic Garden by Shannon Evans. While it is light and fun-filled with lovely illustrations, it also deals with the serious consequences of death, as amid the fun, Zoe passes. Ziggy learns to deal with grief, and later Mama Ellie brings in a new pup. Ziggy learns that life goes on, and the new puppy - Ella - soon becomes a mother. Ziggy and Ella have created a new family. The new family grows and learns the lessons Zoe and Ziggy had to learn. Another important lesson is that exercise is as crucial as healthy eating. The cycle of life continues as Ella, Ziggy, and their brood spend time with Mama Ellie in the organic garden.


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