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Reviewed by Liz Konkel for Readers’ Favorite


Tales on the Yellow Brick Road 2023 is a collection of stories and poems that pays tribute to L. Frank Baum and his famous work, The Wizard of Oz. This collection features works from authors who love this world and have expanded it with stories such as Ron Baxley Jr.’s A Juicy Rags to Rich-Oz Story, James W. Krych’s The Flight to Oz, and Scott Blanke’s The Oz Almost Coven. These stories are wonderfully paired with poems from the likes of Jack Gannon, JC Sulzenko, and Frank W. Howard Jr. that are humorous, charming, and lighthearted. The collection features excerpts and short stories with the same quirky and delightful tone of the Oz-centric stories from authors such as Cyndi Williams-Barnier, John T. Wayne, and Jennifer Burns.

The heart of the collection stems from a genuine love for the tradition created by Baum and carried on by authors such as Ron Baxley Jr. who is a notable Oz universe author, and Frank Blanke who had a connection to the saga from childhood. A Juicy Rags to Rich-Oz Story from Baxley explores several elements from the original series, expanding the world. The story is written using the same style as Baum with delightful phrases. Poems are featured throughout such as a Christmas tale about a white-haloed fur angel and Ode to Birdbath, which is a humorous and creative observation of a birdbath. Both are feel-good poems that have uplifting tones and feature curious subjects. The poems fit the style and ethos presented in the short stories and excerpts perfectly.

Other stories in the collection include Xcalibur and the Knowledragon, which features delightful writing such as a bespectacled and shabby-chic-attired teacher. The Gardener revolves around a special garden and the important relationship associated with it, and Mother’s Coffin focuses on the idea of accepting impending death through the story of a mother picking out her coffin and making arrangements for her funeral. Each one is different and there will be something in the collection for everyone. Tales on the Yellow Brick Road 2023 is a collection for those that love The Wizard of Oz and those that enjoy whacky, humorous, and lighthearted stories, poems, and excerpts.


  • No refunds on personalized copies.

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