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Six months have passed since advertising artist Wayne Martin unexpectedly died. In a bizarre turn of events, he was brought back to life only to find himself caught between two worlds. Given the designation as an InSpectre in a heavenly corporation, his job is to restore the souls of those who died before their time. Wayne is also challenged by an enigmatic being within his human body called The Living Ghost!Destiny Riley, a high school junior who was born handicapped, has long been ridiculed and bullied because of her disabilities. Unable to reach out for help, she is finally brought to the point of ending her torment.Wayne is sent as an InSpectre in an attempt to prevent her death…but will he make it in time? If not, it will require the powers of The Living Ghost to save her!"Tears of Destiny" is the sequel to "Dawn of The Living Ghost". Read both books in this InSpectre series for Wayne's full story with destiny!


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