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The Adventures of Harriet the Sausage Dog is a warm and loving homage to the authors’ own dachshund, Harriet. Charlie and Harriet’s adventure is a wild one, and it is guaranteed to have young readers wondering if the two friends will ever make it back home again. I especially loved the fact that the two of them find themselves in a wildlife sanctuary where they are befriended by a Snowy Egret and two Canada geese, who protect them and try to help them get back home. Loreen Ridge-Husum’s illustrations are masterful, particularly those panels which show the adventurers at the wildlife sanctuary. The images of the reed-fringed lake are marvelous and had me examining each one closely to see how she made the water look so very real. Michael and Donna Chapman's book is a celebration of their dog and the love they shared with her, and it shines brilliantly. The Adventures of Harriet the Sausage Dog is most highly recommended.


~Jack Magnus

Readers' Favorite LLC


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