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When four friends from Nashville, TN, embark on a trip to Hilton Head Island, SC, none of them had any idea what surprises were in store. Julie and Harry were newlyweds and asked Georgia and Jon, who were dating, to join them. Georgia felt immediately at home on the island although it was her first trip there. Having an inquisitive journalist’s mind, she was intrigued by the Gullah people. Gullah refers to the people, culture, and language that still exists among the descendants of slaves brought to the state from a West African region. Their first interaction with a Gullah person was Henry who owned a small store. Then, Georgia was asked for help by a Gullah ghost named Bessie Campbell. It was difficult for Georgia to grasp what occurred, but the ghost had given her a small gift, which she continually wore. The Chances We Take, written by Annell St. Charles, contains interesting history of the Gullah people and Hilton Head Island.

The Chances We Take contains several compelling plots – the mystery surrounding the ghost’s request; the love relationship of Georgia and Jon; changing their professional lives – in other words, taking chances in life. The author writes in a clear, concise style, engaging the reader from the first page to the last. Her descriptions of Nashville and Hilton Head Island make both areas easy to visualize, in the mid-1970s. Another authentic feature of this time period is the choice of food the characters eat. The characters, including the main ones and several who have smaller roles, are well-developed. Author Annell St. Charles has crafted a fascinating novel in The Chances We Take. A captivating read!


Reviewed By Deborah Lloyd for Readers’ Favorite


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