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The Choices We Make by Annell St. Charles is a Georgia Ayers story and is set in the 1960s and 1970s. Julie Travers doesn’t really like change so it's hard for her to cope when her family moves to Nashville after her father gets a new job at a local bank. Choosing to visit the bank for school careers day, she meets Harry, the Branch Manager, and, a few months later, is taken on as a bank teller. She and Harry grow closer but it soon comes to light that her father might be involved in something illegal. Julie doesn’t believe he is guilty but the FBO and FDIC are watching him. Getting Harry to help, Julie sets out to clear her father but it becomes clear that the crimes reach far further afield than Nashville...

The Choices we Make by Annell St. Charles is not just a coming of age novel. It’s about learning to listen to our inner voices, learning to make the right decisions and learning that we control the decisions; its not down to anyone else. I couldn’t put this book down once I started it. It’s a thorough novel, following Julie as she comes to terms with a new life and puts the past behind her. The plot is very clever; you might think that it’s just a story about a girl growing up but the plot starts right at the beginning, weaving its way through the story and everything you read is totally relevant to it. The characters are wonderful, really well developed, real people that you truly get to know throughout the story. And it’s full of historical facts too which just add to the reality surrounding it. Great story, I really enjoyed it; I believe it is a sequel to another book which I didn’t read first.


~Ann-Marie Reynolds for Readers Favorite LLC


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