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The Forest For The Trees is a work of collected poetry penned by author Mimi Pantelides. The work intends its readership to experience an interactive connection with the poet while they read along, providing QR codes that allow users to link up to audio and visual files on YouTube and hear Mimi read. This layered presentation delivers additional atmosphere and passion to the poetic works, covering various topics from observations and inspirations of the natural world to the complexities of modern society and daily life. What results is a highly fascinating and dynamic collection of verses and ideas that readers can cherish and genuinely lose themselves in.

Poet Mimi Pantelides has crafted a masterful collection of poetic works, many of which touch on pertinent topics that the modern pandemic-stricken world has made us think about. There is a sense of connectedness even in the text alone, a link between society and nature that is tenuous but vital still. When you add to this many of the wonderful audiovisual presentations from the private-access YouTube collection, the work takes on another life, deepening and changing its meaning as the author’s emphasis and passion mingle with the reader’s. A couple of my particular favorites, for their vibrant imagery and layers of meaning, were ‘Shadow Walk’ and ‘Birgitta,’ which I read several times over. Overall, I would highly recommend The Forest For The Trees to fans of vibrant and meaningful poetry for the modern age. Evocative escapism at its best.


K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite LLC


  • No returns or refunds on signed books.

  • 370 Pages

    5.5" x .28210" x 8.5"

    5.744 ounces

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