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BOOK 5 IN THE "TASK FORCE" SERIES! BITE OF THE BLACK WIDOW by Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier is a wonderful blend of thriller and crime fiction, a story that follows the dark work of a serial killer. Lacy has been betrayed by many people, and now she is out with her lover and friend to locate and exact revenge on anyone who ever hurt her, and her revenge doesn’t come in easy doses. With a foolproof plan, she seduces each victim with her sexual prowess, injecting venom into the victim during sex, and watches the victim die. What will astonish readers is the way she displays her victims. Can she be caught? Will she make a mistake and give her location away or leave a trail? It’s for the reader to find out.This is an absorbing story, dark and oddly seductive. The darkness and the sheer violence in it could be repulsive to some readers, but it is hard to stop reading because of the authors’ storytelling skills, unveiling the dark world of a psychotic killer. The story has a strong psychological depth and explores how deep abuse and betrayal can sink a human soul. The writing is excellent and it features wonderful descriptions, great diction, and engaging dialogues. Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier show great skill in character, setting, and plot. Yes, the characters are well-developed and readers will find great interest in following the psychological contours of their minds. BITE OF THE BLACK WIDOW has a lot of surprises in plot development and the reader has to guess their way through the gripping plot till they turn the final page. It’s a delightful and entertaining read. Reviewed By Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite


  • 370 Pages

    5.5" x .08" x 8.5"

    15 ounces

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