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In The Things Left Unsaid by Annell St. Charles, Georgia Ayres had a passion for journalism since high school. So, when she is given the opportunity to work at one of Nashville's two competing newspapers, Georgia is thrilled. Although she must battle the bias against her age and lack of experience, Georgia finds herself reporting on what could be a major news story that could have dire consequences for the town. Georgia encounters a mysterious stranger, Jon Barnett, who seems to have dark intentions. As Georgia becomes entangled deeper into her investigations and her feelings for Jon grow, she is faced with moral dilemmas and difficult choices to make. Will Georgia find her voice and fight for what she wants, or will her fear prevent her from living the life she deserves? The Things Left Unsaid by Annell St. Charles is a beautifully written story with so much descriptive narrative it transports you into 1970s Nashville. What I most enjoyed about the plot was Georgia's transformation from a shy girl with little confidence into a self-assured young woman. Jon's character also had depth and realism. The relationship between Jon and Georgia was full of chemistry and I thought the development was gradual and very interesting. I loved Ida; she was a small but powerful addition to the plot too. The dialogue exhibited their personalities perfectly. The conflicts really kept the story engaging. The main theme throughout the story is facing different forms of fear, whether that be love, opportunity or letting go of something or someone. It is refreshing to read a romance novel where there are plenty of strong but feminine characters. I look forward to more about Georgia Ayres.


Reviewed By Lesley Jones for Readers’ Favorite


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