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5-star Review

Reviewed By Jennifer Ibiam for Readers’ Favorite


Task Force Agent Calvin 'Seeker' Geffers and FBI Special Agent Stephanie Anderson were vacationing at a beach hotel in Charleston when they received the call. Seeker and Stephanie must find and rescue a girl kidnapped from her home. On the hunt, they faced off with Talon, the most wanted elusive international criminal and extortionist. No one saw him and lived, but there’d always be an exception to this rule. Talon was always a step ahead, and the duo raced against time to stop him. From America to Argentina and the places in between, they tailed Talon to stop the next crime. And while at it, romance, discoveries, and drama took center stage in Trail of the Talon by Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier. Who would go down first? The couple or Talon?

Trail of the Talon by Jack Gannon and Cyndi Williams-Barnier was a tale of romance, survival, action, humor, and drama. The novel was a mix of James Bond’s signature and wonder-kid vibe. I loved the plot, development, and storyline. I also laughed a lot, especially when Seeker and Stephanie banter. And even while I laughed, the sensitive situation struck me. Niklas was a product of his circumstance, and I felt pain for the child. But did his past justify the present? The thought gave me a pause. Ms. Murphy was a minor character, but she left a lasting impression. I love tough women. Finally, our protagonists were the stars of this show. Seeker and his resourceful yet unpredictable gadgets got a yes from me. I also enjoyed seeing Stephanie in action and with her wit intact, even in the face of danger. Together, they were a formidable team. Thank you, Jack and Cyndi, for a beautiful book.


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