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"Where is the World is The Canal Zone" is an historical coloring book ideal for children in grades 1-3. Children can have fun while learning a bit of geography and history of the former American territory known as the Canal Zone, Isthmus of Panama.

The historical highlights of this color-and-learn book span 5 centuries of discovery and development of the "Crossroads of the World." Cultural diversity is represented in original coloring images while keeping the history of Central America's exploration and development family-friendly.

The coloring book is the creation of two artists who were born and raised in the Canal Zone. Artist Edward J. Husum III and graphic designer Loreen Ridge-Husum are descendants of Roosevelt Medal Holders, which were American employees who worked in the Canal Zone for at least two years prior to the end of 1914. Their families lived in the Canal Zone until the late 1970's. Edward and Loreen took great care to base their renderings on historical fact as well as personal memories of their former homeland.


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