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Ziggy Zig-Zags The Light and Dark Fantastic is a graphic fantasy novel written by Ron Baxley, Jr., with illustrations by Vincent Myrand and lettering by Ali Tavakoly. Few people know, in this day and age, the epic history of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed. These stalwart and intelligent big dogs in small bodies were used as battle steeds for elvish warriors. But their utility was not restricted to times of war. Elves and other small magical creatures found the Corgis to be the perfect partners for everyday tasks and journeys. Some say that the white markings Welsh Pembroke Corgis bear to this day are the places where the elvish saddles and stirrups left their marks. Ziggy is such a Pembroke Welsh Corgi; one who was entrusted by the elves with some vital and important missions. The first was to rescue a Lost Boy from Neverland. Armed with pixie dust carefully packaged by the elves, and with his inimitable buoyancy and good cheer, Ziggy followed the star signs and landed in Neverland, where he found Tiddle, the lost boy who was now found.

Ziggy Zig-Zags The Light and Dark Fantastic introduces a new canine hero of truly epic proportions, and I’ll never look at Corgis in quite the same way again. Baxley’s admiration for the breed, after he adopted his rescued Pembroke Corgi, shines out on every panel of this enthralling two-story graphic novel. Vincent Myrand’s marvelous illustrations really capture the dog’s facial expressions as he considers his challenges and gets past all manner of obstructions and dangers. I loved revisiting Neverland, and a quick trip to Oz was a rare treat indeed. Baxley’s stories are well plotted and exciting, and Myrand’s line and wash illustrations are superb. Each drawing is a visual feast and works so well with the story line. I had the grandest time reading this book, which offers the daring reader fantasy, evil elves, helpful monkeys and even an arch villain or two. Ziggy Zig-Zags The Light and Dark Fantastic is most highly recommended.


Reviewed By Jack Magnus for Readers’ Favorite


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