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To Say, Or Not To Say, That Is the Question...

While most authors struggle with the fear of failure in their writing project, the successful ones use that fear to motivate them toward positive results. Hard work is required to succeed. Bestsellers rarely begin as such, they’re pounded from the soul of the author!

Three basic tenants of writing for success are common to all good authors. They are:

1. Write what you know, what you’re passionate about. Fads come and go, and the book business is no exception.

2. Dare to follow your own path. There are readers out there who are looking for the unusual, the unique, and the subjects they too feel strongly about.

3. Don’t treat your readers like simpletons. Readers want to let their imaginations run, to love or hate a character, or lose themselves in the story you create. They don’t want so much detail that they aren’t allowed to use the theater in their minds. Incorporate descriptions as part of the story actions, rather than intruding with what you want them to see or feel. Don’t describe scenes in such detail the readers can’t create new images from their own experiences.

Writing well is tough. A measure of success might be the reader review that says; “I couldn’t put it down. I highly recommend this book.”

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