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Welcome to Our New Blog!

Welcome to our new YBR Publishing Blog, "Mark My Words"! There's lots of great information from the publishing world to share, which will be done so here, along with updates on our current projects, appearances, and more!

Our current project, which is only weeks away from publishing (not that much time on our calendar, if you think about it) our first book of 2019, the graphic novel "ZIGGY ZIG-ZAGS THE LIGHT AND DARK FANTASTIC"! It's the second YBR book from renowned Wizard of Oz-universe author Ron Baxley, Jr. (his first was last year's "O.Z. DIGGS HIMSELF OUT", but the first graphic novel for YBR!

The task this time around was to clean up the art panels Ron (the writer) provided from his artist and letterer to prepare them for publishing. Each panel required cleaning, brightening, contrast adjustments, and no two pages required the same amount of adjustment as the one before nor after. In the end, however, the signature style of the artist shines through brightly.

The same page after cleanup for publishing (left) and before cleanup (right)

This is just one example of the work YBR can do for your graphic novel! If you have one to submit, regardless of its stage of completion, write to us at and let us know what you've got!

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